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Hello everyone! This is star and I would like to make a huge apology for the lack of activity here lately! I know MJ has been swamped with work and she asked me to help and I, subsequently, was swamped with work.

THAT BEING SAID. I know some of you, myself included, still want to see this continue. As such, this is a call to arms to see who is interested still and to begin planning a start date for when these 'episodes' will be written/ posted. I know the last post for episode choices wasn't completely filled out, and so I'll post who chose what and what remains here.

For those participating, I'd like to get a general feel for when we'd like to start posting these and the span between each episode. Ideally, I'd like the first to go up by the end of the month, at least, but that depends entirely on everyone else's schedule.

The episode list so far, to spare flistsCollapse )

Take a look up yonder and let me know if anything has changed or anyone is interested in an episode.

With that out of the way, I'm also wondering if people feel we need more writers, since we have a lot of open episodes. Should I be advertising for more? And if so, does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to everyone's opinion on this.

Again, I apologise for the very long delay in getting this off the ground. I know MJ is camping this weekend (and attempting to dodge blood-sucking rocks), but I am available either though my journal (brigadiertardis) -- you can PM me or just leave a comment on an entry -- through AIM (koenmakun), e-mail (koenmakun at gmail dot com) or my personal journal (taelow). Hopefully there is still interest in this project and we can get the ball rolling!
Hi, guys! Welcome to dw_virtual's writer's corner! This is where the action takes place, or at least the ideas for the action. Only those writing the stories (and those who have requested to be a beta) may join. Please comment here if you're a writer or a beta-volunteer.


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